Money Policy

I’ve been asked a couple times before and have just recently been approached about the subject of using Doctor’s Cot Gallifreyan (DCG) in items sold for money.

I have decided to allow the use of DCG in stuff you want to sell as long as it is originally created and incorporated into the design/piece and NOT the sole design.

This basically means that I do not want translations using my system to be the only thing that you are selling. This to me feels more like stealing than creating. So some things that are not okay:

  • doing translations for money
  • taking a translation and selling a sticker, poster, decal, t-shirt, ect. usingjust the translation and nothing else

Things that are fine are things’s you’ve made yourself and that you want to incorporate into the design for decoration but not as the main focus. For example, if you are really into cross-stitch and you want to make something and have a bit of DCG in there, that’s totally cool. Some examples of things that are okay:

  • making cards, posters, printed stuff with DCG in the background or as a subtle touch
  • making items using DCG as decoration
  • making items using DCG as pattern

Basically, I’d like people to be creative with this system, not just take and make money on something without thought. I feel like making a decal with a translation with no thought other than basically copy/paste makes me feel stolen from and hurt because I spent a lot of time into developing this system and it’s intent is not to make money for anyone, never has been. 

However, I feel like many fandom artists don’t necessarily do art for the money. Yes, it is an added bonus, but it’s something creative, it’s something people can enjoy/appreciate, and it’s something that’s fun to do. That is what I want to promote. That is what I feel the fandom is all about.

I only ask that if you are thinking about selling something, that you ask me first. The design/item should be of your own creation (not taking a random pattern and slapping some DCG on there and selling it as a wallpaper). Adding money into things always makes me uncomfortable and it’s easier to just say no, but I think there are some lovely opportunities for the fandom to roll with it.

Thank you so much and if you have any questions, my ask is always open.